The First Art Company

First Art - Spécialiste de la haute horlogerie ancienne

The First Art Company

The First Art Company

First Art Company was founded in la Chaux-de-Fonds, on 1st June 1995 in the town where the most famous watchmakers of the whole history were born and which is still famous nowadays for its fabulous experience inheritance.

From the very beginning, First Art has specialized in the ancient high watch making business. Strongly recommended for the precious advices of Mister Christian Claude – who is a passionate antique dealer for more than 35 years and highly recommended for his knowledge – First Art Company has been receiving numerous exceptional pieces to sell from auctions, antique shops, famous exhibitions in great winter sports resorts or from great Swiss hotels which are renowned throughout the world.

Over the years, First Art has also involved in other dealing specialisations such as ancient and modern jewels, ancient or fashion strap and watch collections, musical boxes, watchmaker machines, tools and work-benches from the eighteenth to beginning of the twentieth century. Many museums have called First Art so far in order to buy those very rare objects.

First Art Company has always had the vision to serve its customers in an irreproachable way, offers services of quality and looks forward to being your partner.

Spécialiste de la haute horlogerie ancienne, les pièces d’exception, les bijoux anciens et modernes, les boîtes à musique anciennes, les montres bracelet modernes et de collection, les machines outils d’horloger et les établis du 18ème siècle au début du 20ème siècle.

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